About Hanmin.me

Hanmin is a writer and graphic-fictionist.

As you see, he likes making books, writing(& translating), drawing, organizing events & moving to new places.

He is the author of several graphic novels like “Dear Euripides”(2004), “Comet Study”(2008), “Fairy of Places”(2010) “Kafe Limbo”(2012), “The Book Island”(2014), “Theater Diary”(2015) and “Experts of the Low Season”(2016).

Recently, he wrote an illustrated essay “When voyage becomes image”(2013) by incorporating his experience living & working around different countries like Sri Lanka, Denmark, Germany, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.

He also wrote and illustrated storybooks for children like “Tiptoe Tapirs”(2013), “My Amphibian Dream”(2014) The Last Concert of Jedori”(2013), “Ungo and the Pink Dolphin”(2004) and collaborated with his brother, who is a biologist, on creating the “Stop!” series; Behavioral Ecology for Children (2006~2012).

Recently, he translated “Prosas Escolhidas (Selected Proses) de Fernando Pessoa — Pessoa e Pessoas”(2014).

Now he lives in Portugal, working on his new books and translating poems of his favorite poet Fernando Pessoa.



Contact: storyflower@gmail.com

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